What triggers a save to projects in your programming environments?


There are a few scenarios that where code work, and progress in general, is saved.

Listed below are all the conditions that will trigger a save to projects, in either AppLab, GameLab, WebLab, Dance Party, CS Discoveries, or CS Principles levels:

  • Finishing a level - 
    • Clicking "Submit" or "Finish" (where available) which will bring one to the next level
  • Clicking either 'Run' or 'Share' 
    • If there has been a change in code since the last time 'Run' or 'Share' was clicked
  • 15 minutes have passed while one is actively working on their code
    • This will also trigger a new "Version History" entry for project-based levels
  • Renaming one's project

For CS Discoveries, CS Principles, and CSA - students need to be logged in to work through the course.

For CS Fundamentals, Express, and Pre-Reader Express - we don't require students to be logged in while working on the course. If a student worked through the course while logged out, their progress would not save.


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