My student's progress is missing. What should I do?


If you find that your student's progress is not showing up under your section's progress tab, there are a couple of factors to consider:

Is it possible your student wasn’t signed in when they did their work? 

If your student is working through one of our CS Fundamentals Courses, Courses 1-4, or most of our Hour of Code courses, please double-check that the student was signed in when they were doing their work (they can check the upper, right-hand corner of the screen for their name). 

For these courses, students do not need to be signed in to make progress, but if they aren’t signed in, they will lose their progress when they close their browser window. 

To access CS Discoveries or CS Principles, students must be signed in. If your students are working on either of these two courses, disregard the above.

Is it possible your student was working in a different version of the course or unit?

Sometimes students end up working in older versions of our courses. 

If this is the case, their progress will only show up in the version of the course they did the work in. 

Students and teachers can check what version of the course they’re in by looking for a year in the url (ex: or in the name of the course or unit they’re working on. 

Students can check if they’ve accidentally worked in an older version by going to their homepage, and looking for the same course listed twice, with different version years.

Is it possible your student has more than one account? 

Example: A personal account and an account for your class OR an account from another teacher’s class in addition to your own? 

Sometimes, students end up signed into the wrong account and then their progress accrues to the wrong account.


If after checking on the three scenarios above, you find that your student's progress is still missing - please reach out to with the following information, and we will take a look into this with you!

  • The email address for your teacher account
  • The section(s) the student is in
  • The login type you use for this section
    • Word password, picture password, Clever, personal email, or Google Classroom, etc.)
  • The user name of the student who is missing work
  • The specific course/ unit/ lesson/ puzzle(s) the student is missing work from
  • The date(s) the student reported doing the work that is now missing
  • The device, browser, and operating system your students are typically using the site with
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