I'm receiving an "Invalid email or password" message when attempting to login. How do I solve this?


If you're receiving a message stating either, "Invalid email or password" or "Invalid username or password" when attempting to log into your Code.org account (such as in the image below), it's possible that you are either:

  1. Entering an email address, username, or password not associated with your Code.org account
  2. Misspelling the email address, username, or password associated with your Code.org account
  3. Entering an old email address or password that was once associated with your Code.org account

This message indicates that we could not locate your account in our system, based on the credentials entered.

Alternatively, your account may have been deleted. In this case, contact support@code.org and we can assist if the account was deleted in the past 28 days.

To get logged in, we recommend:

  1. Try logging in with any additional email addresses or usernames you may have used to sign up for a Code.org account
  2. Resetting your password here

After resetting your password, you will be redirected to your account - where you can then change the email address associated with your account if you'd like. You can also check and see what your username is here as well (though at this time, we do not offer the ability to change your username).

Note: If upon entering your email address on the password reset page, you receive an "Email not found" message, the email address you've entered is incorrect.

If you are still experiencing issues logging in, please contact support@code.org with the email address/ username you're attempting to login with.

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