My students are progressing in the course without doing any work. What can I do to stop this from happening?


We strive to give students an opportunity to express their creativity and think outside the box. That’s why we often try not to be very prescriptive in exactly how to complete a level. For example, we may ask the student to draw a square on the screen but might not care if it’s a specific size or color.

This means that different students can have completely different and valid solutions for the same programming level. This makes it very difficult to automatically validate students’ work. A green bubble on a programming level simply means that the student is indicating that they are done with the given level.

Our suggestion would be to assess students’ understanding by looking specifically at submitted levels. If you see a specific student is missing certain key concepts or did not do well on a submittable level, then you can go back and look at their skill-building levels to make sure the student was actually attempting the levels and not simply marking the levels as complete. This approach will hopefully alleviate the need to go through and check every students’ work on every skill-building level.

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