Creating accounts for students


Your teacher dashboard allows you to create sections that allow for students to join with either picture- or phrase-based passwords, or with their own email/password-based account on

Option A for students without email addresses: Make a section that uses the option of 'picture' or 'word' in the column for 'login type.' Then, click on the name of your section to be brought to its detailed view, then click the 'manage students' tab on the right.

Each student name you enter will have a randomly assigned picture or 2-word phrase assigned to them as their password. At the bottom of that 'manage students' tab, you'll see an option for printing out individual login cards for your students that includes their name and password.

Once you've entered all student names into your section, have students visit and enter the associated 6-character code for your section. This code can be found on the right side of your list of sections, or at the bottom of your 'manage students' tab. will look like this, asking students to enter a 6-character code: Screen_Shot_2017-06-22_at_9.27.54_AM.png 

After entering that 6-character code at, students will be brought to a page with a list of all students' names to choose theirs from. Once selecting their name, they can enter their picture or word password to join your section. 


Option B for students with email addresses: Create a section for your classroom and choose the login type to be 'email'. Your students can then create accounts at, then visit and enter the 6-character section code of the section you created, which can be found at the bottom of your 'manage students' tab or on the right column of your list of sections. 

Note that students don't need real working email addresses to sign up for an email-based account! 


Importing student accounts with Clever, Google Classroom, and more

For email-based accounts, we support creating accounts and signing in through Google, Facebook, and Microsoft accounts. These can be accessed through our sign-up page. We support integration with Clever for email-based accounts, a secure single-sign-on system that many schools and districts that we partner with use for student rostering. You can read more about applying for Clever here. We will also soon be supporting integration with Google Classroom!


Managing Student Accounts

From the 'manage students' tab for each section of yours, you'll be able to reset student passwords for any section type, rename students, create more student accounts (as noted above) or remove students from your section, or move students around to other sections. Screen_Shot_2017-07-20_at_9.55.01_AM.png


Resetting students passwords

From the 'manage students' tab, you can reset students' passwords for any section type. If you have students in your classroom who have not yet joined a section of yours but are needing a password reset, they can request a password reset email at Many schools block our password reset emails, and students don't receive those. You can contact us through emailing with any students needing password resets under your school's domain, and we can quickly send back password reset links. 


Moving students to different sections

Students with email-based accounts can be in infinitely many sections, provided each one is under a different teacher. Students with word- or picture-based accounts can be moved to a different section or to a different teacher.

From the 'manage students' tab noted previously, you can use the 'move students' button in the top right corner to mass-move students into a different section of yours, or that of another teacher's. All you need is the associated 6-character code for the section you'd like students to be moved into. Moving students will always preserve their progress in all courses. 


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