How do I sign up my students for accounts at


Your teacher dashboard allows you to create sections that allow for students to join with either picture- or phrase-based passwords, or with their own email/password-based account on Code Studio.

  • Option A for Students without email addresses: Login to your teacher account, and create a section (from your teacher dashboard) with the option of "picture" or "word" in the column for 'login type.' Then, add students to the section and print out log-in cards for them all. For students to login to these accounts, they'll go to the unique web page listed at the bottom of your 'manage students' tab. It will look something like You may want to bookmark this web page on all student computers. Students do NOT need an email address for this sign-up option.
  • Option B for students with email addresses: Create a section for your classroom and choose 'login type' to be "email." Your students can then create accounts at, then visit and enter the 6-character section code of the section you created, which can be found at the bottom of your 'manage students' tab. Students can also just navigate to this link itself, instead of typing in the 6-character code at
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