When did the Donorschoose.org Prize Promotion end?


The Donorschoose.org Prize Promotion ended as of June 15, 2014. We’ve given away all of our Donorschoose.org prizes to teachers who successfully lead 15 or more students through our K-8 Intro to Computer Science Course. We hope it served as a “Thank you” to teachers who were early adopters to trying out our new course.

This was a one-time campaign to see if rewards can help grow the pool of C.S. teachers and increase total enrollment (especially by girls). Our expectation was that teachers who have a good experience integrating this course into the classroom will offer it on an ongoing basis.

We’ve had a great partnership with Donorschoose.org for this promotion, but we do not have any similar promotions planned at this time. Donorschoose.org has played an important role in helping Code.org’s mission of bringing Computer Science to K-12 public schools. While Code.org’s mission is focused on K-12 public schools, we do support everyone learning more about computer science, which is why we offer all of our materials (in 35+ languages) for free on our website under Creative Commons license.

We thank you so much for your interest in our materials, and we hope you continue to enjoy using them!


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