How do I edit my students' passwords?


There are a few ways to help a student that has forgotten their password.

  1. If your student signs in with an email address that can receive email they can use the "Forgot Password" link listed on the sign in page to reset their password.

    ​Many schools block our emails, and those password reset emails don't get through to students.  If this is the case for your school, try step two below.

  2. If the student is in one of your class sections you can also change the student's password from the Teacher Dashboard.  Go to the Student Accounts and Progress page, click "Manage Students" for the section containing the student in question, and look for the "Reset Password" or "Show Secret" button in the student's row.  This approach will work for word, picture, and email logins.

  3. If you are still unable to reset the student's password please contact us at for further assistance.


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