How do I bring computer science to my country?


The easiest way to start is to try an Hour of Code in your community or local school. Then, try our courses and tutorials which are available worldwide at no cost to you or your schoolComputer Science Fundamentals provides a great introduction to computer science and is available in 25 languages. 

At this time, has limited resources for international partnerships. However, if you are interested in making a bigger push for computer science in your country, consider a few options:

Help organize the Hour of Code in your country. The Hour of Code is a worldwide movement to introduce every student across the globe to computer science through a one-hour activity. The campaign occurs during December of every year and is supported internationally by hundreds of partners. Want to help out? Check our list of international partners to find your country's organizer. If you don't see a partner listed in your country, apply to become an international Hour of Code organizer.

Implement the K12 Computer Science Framework in your country. Do you work with a Ministry of Education or government? Are you looking for guidelines on how to create your own computer science education standards or curriculum? Check out the K12 Computer Science Framework and then write us at for more information. 

- If you'd like to help translate our content, please visit

- Are you an international organization that is interested in teacher training, or using's professional development materials? At this time does not have the resources to provide assistance on professional development internationally, but we are considering a program in the future. Please fill out this form to explain your interest in international professional development.


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