Can I use’s logo or the Hour of Code logo for an event, flyers, or on my website?


According to our Terms of Service, we do not grant any third party groups the right to use the name or any of the trademarks, logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand assets without permission. You can visit our Brand Assets Usage Policy page for information on how to obtain permission and how to use our brand assets.

However, where appropriate, we encourage the use and widespread sharing of the Hour of Code logo specifically (not the logo), which you can download in a high-resolution version at

Trademark Guidelines

Hour of Code® and Hora del Código® are registered trademarks of  Many of our tutorial partners have used our "Hour of Code" trademarks on their web sites in connection with their Hour of Code activities. We don't want to prevent this usage, but we want to make sure the usage falls within a few limits:

  1. Use “Hour of Code” only in connection with non-commercial CS Education activities in the context of the Hour of Code campaign, and for no other purpose.
  2. Any reference to "Hour of Code" should be used in a fashion that doesn't suggest that it's your own brand name, but that it rather references the Hour of Code as a grassroots movement. Good example: "Participate in the Hour of Code ® at". Bad example: "Try Hour of Code by ACME Corp".
  3. Use a “®”  superscript in the most prominent places you mention "Hour of Code", both on your web site and in app descriptions.
  4. Include language on the page (or in the footer), including links to the Hour of Code, CSEdWeek and web sites, that discloses both the following: a. Hour of Code® and Hora del Código® are registered trademarks of; and b. “The 'Hour of Code ® is a nationwide initiative by to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.”
  5. Do not use "Hour of Code" in app names.
  6. Do not use “Hour of Code” in connection with any commercial use or purpose (e.g., placing your Hour of Code activity behind a paywall; promoting another paid service as part of your Hour of Code activity; selling Hour of Code merchandise).
  7. Do not use “Hour of Code” in connection with any activity that requires a login or account creation.
For any further questions on using our logos, email us here.
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