I'm having trouble with StarLogo Nova - where can I get help?


Here are some quick solutions to common problems with StarLogo Nova in the Computer Science in Science curriculum. Feel free to email us at support@code.org if you're having further issues with StarLogo Nova. 


My widgets disappeared!

Hit “Save” and then resize the internet browser page.

Hit “Save” and then refresh the internet browser page, then try running it again.

Try creating new widgets with different names--make sure you change the widget names in your code, too!

Teacher tip:  make sure Flash is updated on the computer

It says I have an empty socket!

Hit “Save” and then refresh the internet browser page, then try running it again.
Drag your code blocks around the screen a little bit to see if any blocks are not fully attached Check any blocks you have typed numbers into--try retyping one or more of the numbers and make sure there are no spaces!
Have another person check your code and look for any empty sockets

Nothing happens when I hit “Setup” and “Forever!”
Hit “Save” and then refresh the internet browser page, then run your code again.
Make sure you have code inside of the “When setup is pushed” and “When forever is toggled” blocks.
Have another person look at your code and see if they can spot any errors.
Close the browser reopen and load slnova.org. Sometimes Java has crashed.

My slider values aren’t changing correctly!
Click “Edit Widgets” and re-enter your slider values. 
Make sure you hit ENTER after each one.  Then click “Edit Widgets” to close it and try your model now :)

Make sure you plugged your slider into your code where you wanted it.

ex)  I made a slider to change the number of turtles I create and called it “Number Turtles.” In my code, I had to find where I created the the turtles and plug in the “Number Turtles Slider Value” block in the space where the number goes.

My Graph isn’t being updated!

Make sure you clear the graph in your setup procedure.

Save and refresh the internet browser page.

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