I'm an engineer. How can I help?


If you're an engineer, you can help Code.org's mission in several ways:

  1. Join our Contributors Program and help us with small features or improve our codebase. More information here.
  2. Volunteer as a mentor with local schools and teachers. Sign up through our form at http://code.org/volunteer/
  3. Host your own Hour of Code event at your company, group, or with your kids. Visit HourofCode.com and review our How-To Guide.
  4. Answer open questions in our community forums
  5. You can also volunteer through the following other organizations:
  • TEALS brings together hundreds of software engineers and teachers to help build sustainable CS classes across the country. Join the more than 1,500 CS professionals who have made an impact in local high schools by volunteering 2 days a week to teacher Intro and AP CS classes.
  • CoderDojo - Start a Dojo in your neighborhood, mentor children to learn to code.
  • Citizen Schools - Volunteer to teach computer programming in extended-day programs at schools.
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