Steps on how to set up student accounts/progress


Below are the steps you need to do to set up tracking for your students.


1) Set up your teacher account

2) Set up your sections

  • Go to your teacher home page (click the orange button in the upper right that says Hi [your name], "Teacher Home Page" is the first option in the drop down)
  • Click on "Student Account and Progress"
  • Click "New Section", fill out details
  • Click Save

 3) Create student logins

  • Click "Manage Students"
  • Click "Add student/multiple students", fill out info
  • Click Save
  • Share section sign in page with your students and print out login cards for your students

If your student already has an account, to add them to your existing class/section, please have them login to their account and go to to enter your section code. And please see this FAQ on signing up students: This video explains signing up students as well:

To view progress of your students just make sure to click on the class section and click the "View Progress" tab. Hope that helps!

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