What do the circles, numbers, and colors mean on the progress chart in the teacher dashboard?


When viewing students progress, the circle indicates the furthest puzzle that a student has attempted in that course. The number inside the circle refers to the puzzle number of the stage where the furthest puzzle was attempted.

White space indicates a student has not completed the puzzle. Light green indicates that a student has completed the puzzle, using more blocks than what Code.org suggests for the optimal solution. And bright green indicates a student has completed that puzzle with what we consider the optimal number of blocks. A yellow bubble indicates that student has started the puzzle but not finished it. 

If your student doesn't have a circle on their progress, that means they have attempted the final puzzle of that course. And once a student has attempted the last puzzle, that will always be the furthest puzzle that they’ve completed so the circle will not reappear.

Purple bubbles indicate a project has been submitted for that level. You'll see project-based levels in the CS Principles and CS Discoveries curricula. 


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