How do I report to you that my classroom/school participated in the Hour of Code?


While you are not required to report participation in order to do the Hour of Code with your classroom, we encourage you to register your Hour of Code event here. When you register your event and provide a valid location, we will showcase your school's participation on the Hour of Code map

Later in January, after the Hour of Code, we will send out an optional survey to all participants that registered their Hour of Code event. In this survey you can report how many of your students participated, what Hour of Code activity you did with your students, and how your event went, etc.

Since we don't require students to log in to use our content, we don't take record of individual participation to ensure what classes did participate or didn't - other than tracking metrics for total participation around the Hour of Code season. We just ask that you and your students have fun learning to Code! 

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    Patti Shayne

    Our school has been part of Hour of Code since inception and we still don't appear on the Michigan List? Frankel Jewish Academy? Do you know why or How do you enter other schools, private and home schooling?

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    Hi Patti, please email us at and we can look into this!

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    I want to know the situation for my school ( Jeel Aljazeera ) located in Jeddah ,Saudi Arabia

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