What is Code.org’s Professional Learning Program?


U.S. Teachers

Code.org collaborates with Regional Partners across the country to support and expand computer science learning to all students in all schools. Together with your local Regional Partner, we are pleased to offer U.S. teachers the opportunity to apply for a year-long professional development experience.

These year-long training programs are for our middle school and high school curriculum programs, CS Discoveries and CS Principles, respectively.

If you're a K-5 teacher, you can attend one of our one-day workshops for the CS Fundamentals curriculum. Visit this page for a map of workshops in your area! 


Teachers Outside of the U.S.

At this point, our in-person workshops are only available in the United States, but the curriculum, lesson plans, tools, and support are available at no cost worldwide.

You can join our forums to connect with other teachers for support, teaching tips, and best practices. Our forums are for teachers of all grade levels.

You can also use our free, self-paced online workshop to get started. The intended audience for this online workshop is primary school teachers.

You can also contact our international partners for more information on local professional learning opportunities.

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