Product Updates - March & April 2018



Here are the latest updates we've made across the website and platform.  To see updates from previous months, please see the bottom of this article.

Computer Science Access Report

Curious if your school teaches computer science? Check out our updated K12 CS Access Report map.  You can now search for any school in the US and find out if we think the school teaches computer science.


The school pop up also has calls to action to either take the survey for the school (takes you to the form, with the school name pre-filled), send the survey to a teacher at this school (takes you to a sample letter you can send to a teacher at the school), or request to update the categorization for a school.


Find your school on our map and let us know what computer science opportunities are offered there!

Website & Curriculum

  • Our Project Gallery landing page now shows featured projects rather than the most recent ones, hand selected by our internal staff.  You can still see the most recent projects by clicking the “View all…” link on the right. We now have over 24 million projects on our platform!


  • We’ve added the AnswerDash tool to our highest trafficked professional learning pages (i.e. the professional learning landing page and the teacher application) so users can get help quick by seeing the answers to our most FAQ. You can also submit their own question!


  • If a CS Principles level contains a video resource, students will see a new Help+Tips tab with a link to this video.


  • If a user tried signing into through Clever for the first time and wanted to link the login to an existing account, the linking would not work if the email address used for matched the Clever email address. This is now fixed!
  • The Artist now draws patterns when moving backward. Before, if students combined patterns with the “move backward” block, the Artist would not draw the pattern. Now students can draw this way and that way and anyway in between!


Teacher Experience

  • Teachers now have the ability to choose on a per student basis who can and cannot share App Lab / Game Lab / Web Lab projects through the new “sharing” column. As part of this, we will now be defaulting all students under 13 to not be able to share these projects without a teacher override.


  • While the March 30 priority deadline has passed, we are still accepting applications from teachers for our Professional Learning Program. We’ve refreshed the look of the announcements across our site pointing to the application.


  • The 'Manage Students' tab in your teacher dashboard got a facelift!
    • Teachers can now more quickly add students to the table - instead of first needing to press the “Add student” button and having a new row show up, a blank row is always there
    • We now show the student’s username not only in the email sections but also in all the other section types.
    • Teachers can also now edit their students’ name/age/gender in Google Classroom + Clever sections. Editing used to completely blocked in these section types.


  • If a teacher has not given us their school information yet, we now prompt them with an updated dialog, which is much easier to fill out than the previous one: Maker App - for CS Discoveries course

  • When you sign into the standalone Maker App, you now get a new homepage that is specific to Maker related items:


  • The “Create a project” link will create a new App Lab app with Maker Toolkit enabled, which was also not possible before.

  • We built an .msi installer, necessary to enable IT admins to automatically install the Maker App on multiple computers across a network, and we’ve enabled “Install for all users” on Windows.

App Lab / Game Lab

  • The manage assets dialog box in App Lab now scrolls:


  • Fixed bug in App Lab that was preventing some Chrome 64 users from using design mode entirely.
  • We now only save a new version of an App Lab / Game Lab project if changes have been made to the code, design mode, or animations. That way, we don’t end up with duplicate versions!
  • If a user uploaded an image to the animation tab in Game Lab and duplicated it, making edits to the original uploaded animation would also change the duplicated animation. This is now fixed!

If you've any questions on these updates, feel free to contact us at! 

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