Product updates - August through October 2018


Here are the latest updates we've made across the website and platform!  Updates from previous months can be found at the bottom of this article.

Professional Development

  • Teacher Applications for our middle and high school professional development programs in 2019 are now open in a few regions across the country! You can learn more about professional learning in your region (workshop information, cost/fees, when applications open) by entering your zip code here


  • We launched the new Minecraft: Voyage Aquatic Hour of Code course!Screen_Shot_2018-11-09_at_9.18.14_AM.png
  • We added the ability to record your own sounds in Game Lab and App Lab! Screen_Shot_2018-10-18_at_11.47.50_AM.png
  • In artist projects, we no longer require students to hit “Run” and watch the artist after every code change. This will allow students to make changes on creative projects much more quickly, and visualize changes to parameters like angles and lengths.



Teacher features

  • We added a comment box feature, allowing teachers to provide written feedback to  students in App Lab, Game Lab, and Web Lab levels:Screen_Shot_2018-11-09_at_9.14.32_AM.png
  • Clicking on a progress box in the summary view takes the teacher to the detailed view now. Clicking on this box showing progress in a given lesson:


        Will now take you to this detailed view with bubbles:


  • We made improvements related to making the hiding / showing experience for stages and units more obvious and intuitive for teachers. We make sure a section is selected by default when going to a course or unit page so that you see the hiding / showing UI. We also made the UI for picking a section more prominent:


  • If teacher hides a unit from a section and then goes to view the unit page, they’ll see a warning letting them know that unit is hidden:


  • If a teacher tries to assign a hidden unit to a section, we will warn them that the unit is hidden and give them the option to unhide it as part of assigning it:


  • The blue Teacher Panel now remembers whether you expanded or collapsed it when you move between lessons!. It used to re-expand every time you opened a page.



  • We launched the Hour of Code: Latin America video on and! You can also see this video if you switch the site to be in Spanish or Portuguese.  
  • We added an improved version of the curriculum versioning dialog in order to be able to show which languages a given version supports! Screen_Shot_2018-10-18_at_11.49.46_AM.png
  • Courses A-F are now available in Spanish and English. When a non-English user visits our course catalog page (aka our international course catalog), we recommend these courses. Our international partners are currently working on translating Courses A-F into more languages. In the meantime, Courses 1-4 are still available in many other languages.  

Previous product updates can be found here:

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