Issues with Circuit Playground Connectivity on Chromebooks


April 16, 2019 - Issue Resolved

We believe these issues are now resolved. Please contact if you are still unable to detect a connected Circuit Playground board in App Lab.



April 15, 2019

We are currently aware of issues with Maker Toolkit Circuit Playground connectivity in App Lab. Many Chromebook users may notice that they are unable to consistently connect to their boards. Our engineering team is actively working to resolve this issue as soon as possible, and this page will contain updates as we have more information or workarounds that you can try


In the short term, you can try these steps that may allow you to work around these bugs temporarily:

* The Reset button is currently broken on Chromebooks for these levels. Clicking it will cause connectivity issues between the Chromebook and the Adafruit Circuit Playground. **If your students need to use the Reset button to test their code, ask them to refresh their browser window instead.** 

* If your students do click the Reset button and discover that Circuit Playground no longer works, use the following steps to fix Circuit Playground:
1. Click the RESET button in the middle of the Adafruit Circuit Playground board. All lights will turn green.
2. Click the RESET button in the middle of the Adafruit Circuit Playground board again. The lights will flash in a rainbow pattern.
3. Refresh your browser window.
4. Click Run in the Circuit Playground level.

* Finally, **ensure you are using Circuit Playground in one tab only**. Using it in multiple tabs will cause further connectivity issues.

Thank you for your patience. We understand that this is very disruptive for your students, and our team is working toward a resolution as quickly as we can.

Ryan Sloan

Product Manager

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