Installing the Maker App to a Group of Computers


Note: The Maker App will be deprecated in the summer of 2023! Click here to learn more.

We support a few approaches for installing Maker App to a group of computers on a school network.

Silent Install

Our recommended approach is to conduct a silent install using the installer we've provided on the downloads page. It accepts the following command switches:

  • /S (case-sensitive) puts the installer in "silent" mode for unattended install
  • /D=<directory> (also case-sensitive) lets you specify an install directory from the command line

Example: Maker App-1.1.5-win.exe /S /D="C:\Program Files\ Maker App"

These are standard install options for a Nullsoft (NSIS) installer. You can read more about them in the NullSoft manual in chapter 3 (Installer Usage) and chapter 4 (Silent Installers).

Windows Installer package (MSI)

Windows network administrators may find this is the easiest approach to deploy the Maker App to computers on a network. Please note that auto-updates are disabled when the app is installed via MSI. You can download the Windows Installer here:  

If you wish to install it for all users on a machine, the MSI can be installed for all users on a machine using the ALLUSERS=1 property.

If you have any further questions after following these instructions, or if any of them didn't work for you, feel free to contact us at

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