Will students be notified if and when they have new feedback from their teachers?


Yes, students get notified about new feedback when they sign in!

If you've left students feedback in CS Discoveries or CS Principles, they will see a banner telling them they have new feedback from their teacher when they log in to Code.org.

This banner appears on Course and Unit Overview Pages, and on the Student Homepage, and it will be visible until students have viewed the feedback.

Note for CSA course content: While leaving feedback is supported via code reviews, notifications for such feedback are not currently supported within CSA, but we're working on such updates.


Students can click on the "View feedback" button in the banner to view the feedback on the Teacher Feedback page. 


This page will contain all the feedback the student has received from their teacher. 

  • New, unread feedback appears with a white background while older feedback has a grey background. 
  • Students can see both free-form teacher feedback and mini-rubric evaluations (where relevant) from the teacher feedback page.
  • Students can click on the header of the feedback entry to view the full feedback on the level itself.

If students don’t have any new feedback but still want to revisit their older teacher feedback, they can do so from the Student Homepage (have students look for the "Review Feedback" box at the bottom of their "My Courses" section). 


Can I see if my students viewed the feedback I left for them?

Yes! To see if a student has viewed feedback you left on a particular level, do the following:

  1. Go to the level and select the student you want to check on in the blue teacher panel on the left-hand side of the screen
    • mceclip1.png
  2. In the "Feedback" tab on the level, look for the timestamp next to the 'Update' button:
    • If your student has viewed the feedback, this string will be green and say the date the student viewed the feedback.
    • If the student has not viewed the feedback yet, the timestamp will say the date you last updated the feedback.



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