Where can I find the previous version of Dance Party?


The latest version of our Dance Party Hour of Code tutorial can be found from the main http://code.org/dance page or you can go directly to the first level by going to http://studio.code.org/s/dance-2019/reset  


If you're looking for the 2018 version of Dance Party, you can still access it!  Part 1 of the 2018 Dance Party Hour of Code tutorial is accessed via http://studio.code.org/s/dance/reset and Part 2 is accessed via http://studio.code.org/s/dance-extras/reset 


We are currently working on getting more languages supported for the latest version of Dance Party so if you don't see support for your language, feel free to check out the 2018 version to see if your language is supported. As always, if you'd like to help translate Dance Party, please go here!

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