Can I link my parent/guardian email address to my child’s account?


Yes! This is a great way to both ensure that your child can recover their password in case they forget it, and to receive updates on your child’s course and computer science in the future. There are a couple of easy ways in which you can do this. 

If you are creating a new account for your child

On, after going through one of the listed authentication methods, you will see a checkbox that says “I am a parent/guardian signing up on behalf of my child.”


    1. Check this box if you are a parent/guardian signing up on behalf of your child
    2. Keep or change the parent/guardian email address you'd like linked to your child's account
    3. Choose whether you would like to receive email updates from

If you would like to link your parent/guardian email address to your child’s existing account

You can do this from the account settings page. From any page, click on the User menu at the top right corner of the screen - this menu usually displays your child’s name - and in the resulting dropdown menu, click on “Account settings."


Alternatively, you can go directly to

On this page, scroll down until you see the “For parents and guardians” section. 


Click on the “Update” link in that section to add your email address to your child’s account.

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