Why do some lessons not have listed level bubbles, or say 'Progress N/A'?


In our curriculum for CS Fundamentals (CSF), CS Discoveries (CSD), and CS Principles (CSP), you may notice that some lessons do not have any level bubbles displayed on the curriculum overview page or on the Progress tab of the Teacher Dashboard. This is because these lessons do not have any online activities for students to complete.

What do these lessons look like?

Curriculum overview page -

Lessons without online activities do not have traditional level 'bubbles' for students to click on.


Progress tab -

Lessons without online activities appear as a dash instead of a square because progress information is not automatically collected by the system





What do I do for these lessons?

Check out the Lesson Plan (found on the Curriculum Overview page) to learn how to run these lessons with your class. Lesson plans will also suggest ways of gauging student understanding and progress on the lesson.


There may also be Student Resources available on these lessons that students can use to complete the off-device activities or reference later. If available, students and teachers will see the purple 'Student Resources' button from their Curriculum Overview page.

Example lesson plan for a lesson without online activities:



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