Hiding units and lessons in Code.org's CS Principles and CS Discoveries courses


Teachers using Code.org's CS Principles and CS Discoveries courses can make use of our "Visible / Hidden" toggle feature to better manage their classrooms by choosing which units and which lessons their students can see and access. For example, if you want your students to not work past a certain lesson for a while, you can hide the lessons that come after the given lesson.  When it’s time to work on a lesson you’ve hidden, you can just switch the toggle back to “visible” again. Similarly, you can do this at the whole unit level as well. 

This article goes over the details of using this feature.

How do I hide and show full units? 

To hide a unit, first go to the course overview page for CS Principles or CS Discoveries. Before you can hide or show a unit, you must first select a section from the section dropdown that appears right above the set of units:

This is because the Visible / Hidden toggle works on a per section basis so that you can manage different sections separately.  Once you select a section, the visible / hidden toggles next to each of the units will become enabled.


Simply click on “Hidden” to hide a unit from students and “Visible” to show it again.  When you click on “Hidden,” the unit will get a dotted line border.  You’ll still be able to access the lessons within it, but your students will not.

How do I hide and show lessons? 

Hiding and showing lessons is very similar to hiding and showing units. You first have to go to a unit overview page (you can do this by clicking the "Go to Unit" button from the course overview page). Make sure you pick a section from the dropdown above the set of lessons: 

This will reveal the "Hidden / Visible" toggles on the lessons:

Simply click on “Hidden” to hide a lesson from students and “Visible” to show it again. When you click on “Hidden,” the stage will get a dotted line border. You’ll still be able to access the levels, but your students will not.

Note: If you already have hidden the unit for a section, your students will not be able to access any lessons within the unit. So you do not need to worry about hiding individual lessons from an already hidden unit.

Why don’t I see the hidden / visible toggles for the lessons?

There are a couple reasons you might not be seeing the toggles:

  • The course you’re using doesn’t currently support hiding and showing lessons.  Currently only CS Principles units and CS Discoveries units support the feature.
  • You need to make sure a section is selected from the section dropdown before the toggles are shown. 

Why can’t some of my students see some of the units or lessons?  I don’t have anything hidden.  

It is possible that your students are also enrolled in another teacher’s section who has hidden those units or lessons.  If you assign the given course to your class via the teacher dashboard, you can ensure that any units and lessons you have set as visible in the course are also visible to your students.

Why can some of my students still see the units or lessons I tried to hide?

Make sure your students have a student account and are enrolled in your section.  No units or lessons will get hidden on a teacher account or a student account without a teacher.  

If your students do all have student accounts and they are enrolled in your section, this can also happen if a student is enrolled in another teacher’s section and that teacher has assigned the specific course to your students.  If you know the teacher (in the case of co-teaching for example), make sure the other teacher hides the same units and lessons as what you want to hide.  Otherwise, there is no good way around this without the other teacher unassigning the given course or the student dropping out of the other teacher’s section. 


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    Mrs. Amy

    Who can I BEG to place the hiding option in the Fundamentals lessons, especially on the Express course? I have kids getting way ahead of the class, even with the challenge puzzles. Thanks!

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