Finding curriculum and lesson plans


Teachers can find a full PDF of curriculum and lesson plans for any given course, from that course's overview page.

Atop the page here, you'll find two blue buttons for either "Teacher Resources" or "Printing Options":


The blue button for Teacher Resources will include links to a variety of resources - note that offerings may vary by course:

  • Change Log (overview of what's new or different from the previous yearly version)
  • CSTA Standards Mapping
  • Common Core and NGSS Guidance
  • Course Vocabulary
  • Cross-Curricular Extension Activities
  • Guides for Debugging, Implementation, and differences in Lesson Types
  • Links to the Teacher Forum
  • Professional Learning offerings
  • Virtual Lesson Modifications

The other blue button for Printing Options will offer an all-at-once PDF collection of that entire course's Lesson Plans, or all of that course's student-facing Lesson Handouts. 

You can also find individual lesson plans on a per-lesson basis on the right side of any course overview page: 


Clicking any of those "View Lesson Plan" links will bring you to the lesson plan, like in the example below. Check this article for how to navigate the Lesson Plan setup!


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