Assessing and checking student understanding in CS Discoveries, CS Principles, and CSA


How should I choose what student activities to assess / check? course materials contain a variety of assessment opportunities that can be used formatively (to check for understanding) or summatively (for evaluation). Sometimes students will submit their work on these levels online through, and in other cases, they’ll work offline on paper, or in other, in-person activities.

Almost all student activities in curriculum allow for teachers to check for understanding, but starting in the 2019 - 2020 versions of our CS Principles, CS Discoveries, and CSA courses, we’ve also nominated select levels or specific locations within lessons as recommended assessment opportunities. These locations were chosen because they allow students to demonstrate learning in a variety of ways and represent good places for teachers to check in on student understanding of key concepts.

You can learn about recommended assessment opportunities in Lesson Plans under the Assessment Opportunities header (CSD-only), or by looking for a check-mark icon (mceclip7.png) in the Lesson Plan.

You can also see which levels are recommended assessment opportunities in the progress pane of the teacher dashboard and on unit overview pages. Typically, these opportunities are marked with a checkmark icon and the level bubbles are filled in with solid purple when students have completed them.

Teacher dashboard


Unit Overview Pages


Can I look at the work my students did and leave feedback for them?

Yes! You can view a student's work on a level and leave feedback for them in CSP/D/A courses. Students will be notified of feedback you've left them when the sign in to Learn more about leaving your students feedback on a level.

If a student has not finished all the requirements of the level, you can tell them to 'Keep Working' on the level which will automatically notify them of your feedback and reset their level progress to 'in progress' with a red notification dot (learn more).


Want to learn more about assessing student work?

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