Setting up sections using Clever


With the new integration with Clever, teachers no longer need to add each student to their sections manually one by one. When you set up sections, in just a few clicks, their roster of students set up in Clever is automatically added to the section. To get started, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your account

You will need to make sure you sign in to your account through Google or Clever before you can sync.


To sign in with your Clever account, log in to your Clever Portal and click on the logo:


If you don’t know where to find your district's Clever Portal (e.g.,, you can search for your school by going to

Note: We are actively working on allowing users to connect their Clever account with an existing account in case you were using an account with Clever before but now want to use the Clever integration.

Step 2: Create a new section

Go to “My Dashboard” and click on the option to create a new section. This should pop up a dialog with an option to sync with Clever:


Step 3: Fill out section details

Once you choose a section, you should see the dialog that lets you fill in your section details.  

Step 4: Hit “Save” to finish creating your section

Once you hit “Save” in the section details dialog, you’ll have finished creating your section with Clever!


Please note that we strongly suggest choosing only one syncing option between Google Classroom and Clever - not both. Using both options can lead to duplicate accounts for students, which can lead to issues with seemingly lost progress because students have been using two accounts.


Q&A: How do I re-sync my list of students?

If your Clever roster gets updated, you can sync your list of students in by going to your section, clicking on the “Manage students” tab, and hitting the button “Sync students from Clever.”

Q&A: How should my students be signing in?

If your students are using Clever, they should go to their Clever dashboard and click the logo. They can also login by going to and finding the name of their school.

Q&A: What if I sign in to my account with an email address and password, instead of my Clever account?

We are currently working on adding the ability to sign in with Clever and link your Clever account with an existing account.

Q&A: What if I created a section without Clever and now want to sync my section with one of these tools?

The best way to deal with this situation is to create a new section from scratch using the instructions outlined in this article. As long as your students were already signing in with their Clever accounts, they will get to keep using the same account in your new section. Therefore, their progress should not be lost.

If your students are not already logging in with their Clever accounts, then the same response to the earlier Q&A ("What if I sign into my account with an email address...") applies.

Q&A: How can my school or district admins set up admin accounts with or Clever / Google Classroom? 

We do not currently support admin-level accounts on or through integrations with any sign on service. We'd recommend admins create teacher accounts to have all possible permissions for viewing student progress.  


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