How to Change Font Size for Improved Accessibility


In specific labs, students are able to increase the font size to meet their individual needs and preferences.

We understand that some learners may find it difficult to read small or standard-sized fonts, which can be a barrier to learning.

By providing font size adjustments, we hope to make our tool more accessible and inclusive for all students. is working to add this functionality to all of the labs in our lessons, and we will continue to update here as more labs get added. 

Java Lab

Java Lab allows students to pick which text size works best for them. Students can update the text size using the settings on the bottom right corner of the Java Lab web view.

Once they select the font size, they should immediately see the text in their java file update to their specified size.



Block-based Coding Labs (Poetry, Dance Party, Flappy Bird, Bound, and Project Beats)

We are working on growing this list, but currently it includes: Poetry, Dance Party, Flappy Bird, Bounce and Project Beats labs.

We have introduced a new feature in the labs mentioned above that allows students to switch to a High Contrast Theme with larger fonts.

While students cannot specify their own font size in the tool, enabling the High Contrast Theme will increase the font to a comfortable 16 pt.

The screenshots below demonstrate the difference between the default and High Contrast Theme. If you want to learn more about the color schemes, visit this page:


How To: Enable High Contrast Theme

To enable High Contrast Theme, the student should right-click anywhere on the workspace that is NOT a block.

This action will reveal the Workspace Menu (as seen in the photo below).

The student should then click “Enable High Contrast Theme” to activate the increased font size and High Contrast Color Theme.



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