Creating accounts for students and adding them to your section


Once you've set up a classroom section, you'll want to do the following before your students start working on materials:

  1. Get your students set up with their accounts - students with accounts can save their work, and any non K-5 courses (CS Discoveries, CS Principles, CSA) require students to have accounts to work on them so we can verify their ages.
  2. Make sure your students are members of your section - you can assign work to students in your section and track their progress.

Like setting up a classroom section, the process for adding students to your section and creating their accounts will be different based on the account type you chose for your section. This article will cover how to get students added to Picture Password, Secret Word, and Personal Email login sections.


Picture Password or Secret Word account types

If you've chosen Picture Password or Secret Word accounts for your classroom section, you will need to add students to your section manually. During this process, accounts and their corresponding user names and passwords will be generated for each of your students.

Step 1: Add students to the section (Picture Password & Secret Words accounts)

From your teacher homepage (, find your newly created section under the Classroom Sections header and click the 'Add students' button in the 'Students' column.


This will take you to the Manage Students tab of the Teacher Dashboard for your section. The Manage Students tab is the place where you can:

  1. See and edit the list of students in your classroom section
  2. Reset student passwords (learn more)
  3. Get a copy of's parent letter (learn more)
  4. Find instructions and supporting resources for getting students signed-in to your section (learn more)

Manage students tab of the Teacher Dashboard


You can add students to your section one-by-one by filling out the sample row at the top of the table and then clicking the 'Add' button.

You can add multiple students to your section at a time by:

  1. Clicking the "Add multiple students" button at the top of the table
  2. Type or copy-and-paste student names in to the dialog that appears, one per row, and hit 'done'
    • mceclip17.png
  3. Fill in the gender and age for all of your students in the table and then press 'save all' to add all of those students to your section.
      • TIP: The age you enter for your students will affect what resources they can access on
      • mceclip8.png
  4. All of these students will now have an auto-generated password (either a pair of Secret Words or a Picture Password) and a username assigned to them.
      • TIP: You can tap 'Show secret' to see your student's password
      • TIP: Made a typo? You can edit a student's entry in the table by clicking the down arrow in the 'Actions' column for that student. Screen_Shot_2019-05-21_at_1.40.22_PM.png


  • Student usernames are what students use to sign in to and are automatically generated by using the student names you provide when adding students. They cannot be changed, except by deleting the student account and creating another one, so double-check for typos!
  • Display names (shown in teal above) are what are commonly used to identify students across the website and can be changed by both teachers (on the Manage Students tab) and students (on their Account Settings page).
  • When initially naming your students in our system, we recommend using only student first names OR using students' first names plus only a portion of the students' last names (EX: first initial of their last name) when it's necessary to distinguish between two students with the same first names. This will help keep your students' usernames less personally identifiable. 
  • We care about student privacy and out of an abundance of caution, we do not currently offer a separate last name field for students. 

Step 2: Getting students signed in (Picture Password & Secret Words accounts)

Each student name on the Manage Students tab now has a username (generated from the display name you provided) and a password (either a pair of Secret Words or a Picture Password assigned by To sign in, students will need 3 things:

  1. Their display name
  2. Their password
  3. Their section code OR a direct link to your section's sign-in page

How do students sign-in?

Have your students do the following each time they want to sign in to

Step 1: Go to the sign-in page (EX: OR go to and click the 'sign in' button. Enter their section code in the section box. This will take students to the section sign-in page.


  • TIP: The section code for your section can be found in the upper, right-hand corner of the Manage Students tab (above the student name table)


  • TIP: The direct link for your section's sign-in page will be different for each of your sections and can be found below the student name table on the Manage Students tab with the sign-in instructions for your section. You can also recreate the link for your section by taking the example URL above and replacing [section code] with your section's unique code.

Step 2: Click on their display name in the list of students


Step 3: Type in their secret words OR tap their picture password from the list of pictures and hit 'sign in' 


How can I easily get this sign-in information and instructions to my students? offers a few ways to get this sign-in information to your students:

  1. Via 'Login Cards' that are personalized for each student. Login cards contain a direct link to the section's sign-in page, the section code, the student's display name, their secret words or picture password, and instructions for signing in. Login cards can be printed for either a single student at a time, or bulk printed for the entire class at once. Learn more about login cards
    • Login cards look something like this:


  2. Via 'Parent Letters' that are personalized for each student. The Parent Letter is a PDF letter that you can send to your students' parents or guardians that includes information about and why learning computer science is important; how parents can support students while they are at home; how students can sign in to; and's privacy policy. There is a version of the letter that is for the entire section and student-specific version that includes student-specific login credentials. Learn more about parent letters
  3. Via a CSV that contains all of the student login information for your classroom section. You can use this information to copy and paste student login information into an email Learn more about the student login CSV

Step 3 - Get started! (Picture Password & Secret Words accounts)

Once your students have successfully signed in, they will be taken to one of two places:

  • If you've assigned a course or unit to the section, students will be taken to that material once they join the section.
  • If you haven't assigned a course or unit to the section yet, students will be taken to their home page ( once they join the section and they can pick an activity from there.

Learn more about assigning work to your students


Personal Email account types

For sections that are using Personal Email accounts, students will manage their own accounts using a personal email they have access to and their own password.

Step 0 - Do your students have accounts already? If yes,

If your students already have a account, ask them to sign in with it to get started (tap the sign-in button in the upper, right-hand corner of the page). Once they're all signed in, skip to Step 2.

TIP: If your students cannot remember their password, they can request a reset password link from the Sign In page (learn more about resetting passwords). 

Step 1 - Have your students create new accounts

If your students do not have a account yet, they will need to create their own accounts by going to

TIP: Make sure your students set-up 'student' accounts (as opposed to 'teacher' accounts).

TIP: If your students have a Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account, we encourage them to sign in through one of these options listed on the right side of both the sign in and sign up pages. One less account to remember!


Step 2 - Have students join your section

Once your students have signed in, they can visit and enter the 6-letter section code of the section you created.

You can find the 6-letter section code in two places:

  1. Your "Classroom Sections" table on your homepage
    • mceclip1.png
  2. From the top of the list of your students in your section in the "Manage Students" tab of the Teacher Dashboard
    • mceclip0.png


Step 3 - Get started!

Once your students have successfully joined your section, they will see a green banner at the top of the page telling them they've successfully joined your section!

  • If you've assigned a course or unit to the section, students will be taken to that material once they join the section.
  • If you haven't assigned a course or unit to the section yet, students will be taken to their home page ( once they join the section and they can pick an activity from there.

Learn more about assigning work to your students

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