How do I reset my students' passwords?


There are a few ways to help a student that has forgotten their password.

  1. If the student is one of your class sections, you can reset the student's password from the Teacher Dashboard.  Sign in to your teacher account, go to your dashboard, go to the section with the student, go to the "Manage Students" tab, and look for the "Reset Password" or "Show Secret" button in the student's row.

    This is what it will look like for a student with a word or picture password:

    This is what it will look like for an account with a personal login:
  2. If your student signs in with an email addresses that is the same as their email address for Google, Microsoft, or Facebook, they can go to the sign in page and sign in via the corresponding third-party provider on the right side of the page:

    This will link their existing account with the corresponding provider (Google, Facebook, or Microsoft). After that, they can continue to sign in with one of these options.  
  3. If your student signs in with an email address that can receive email (or provided a parent email address that can receive email) they can use the "Forgot Password" link listed on the sign in page to reset their password.

    ​Many schools block our emails, and those password reset emails don't get through to students.  If this is the case for your school, look at the step 4.

  4. If your student cannot receive email and is not in your section, please contact us at to receive a reset link for the student account. Note that you must be a verified teacher to get reset links! Learn how to become a verified teacher here.


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