What kind of devices, browsers, and operating systems are supported by Code.org?


For more detailed information regarding technical requirements, please see this page: http://code.org/educate/it

Code.org takes a tiered approach to the level of support we provide for different browsers to make sure we are building a stellar experience for most of our users and an acceptable experience for the rest.*

We support the following combinations of operating systems and browsers:

CSP and CSD courses are not iOS or tablet compatible.

Chrome 33.x and higher

- XP & Windows 7 and higher

- Mac OS 10.6 and higher

- Android 4.1.2 and higher

Safari 7.0.x and higher

- Mac OS 10.6 and higher

- iOS 7.x and higher 

Internet Explorer 11 and higher

- Windows 7 and higher

- Mac OS 10.6 and higher

Firefox 25.x and higher

- Windows 7 and higher

We do NOT support the following operating systems and browsers:

Internet Explorer 10.x and lower

- All OSs                             


If you are using an operating system and browser combination that is not in either of the lists above, we will investigate serious issues that prevent users from completing our curriculum. If you have found an issue like this, please fill out this form and include a detailed description of your issue (screenshots are very useful) and what operating system and browser (with version number) you used while the issue occurred. 

Please note: We recommend at least a 15 MBit/sec Internet connection for your school.

*These lists are defined based on current usage of our site and known issues. We will update this list to make sure that it is up to date and reflects the majority of operating systems and browsers used on our site.

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