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Supported Browsers and Platforms takes a tiered approach to the level of support we provide for different browsers and platforms to ensure we are building a stellar experience for most of our users, and an acceptable experience for the rest. 

We recommend at least a 15 Megabit per second Internet connection for your classroom. tutorials are compatible with any modern laptop or desktop, tablet devices such as iPads, and Chromebooks!

We support the following combinations of operating systems and browsers:


Operating System

Chrome 33.x and higher

XP & Windows 7 and higher

Mac OS 10.6 and higher

Android 4.1.2 and higher

Safari 7.0.x and higher

Mac OS 10.6 and higher

iOS 7.x and higher 

Internet Explorer 11 and higher

Windows 7 and higher

Mac OS 10.6 and higher

Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 and higher

Firefox 25.x and higher

Windows 7 and higher 

Note that all CS Principles and CS Discoveries courses are not compatible with tablets or mobile devices - a full keyboard and mouse are required. 


Sites to Whitelist

For the very best experience with all content, we recommend consulting with your school or district's IT department to ensure the following sites are whitelisted and aren't blocked.







To use YouTube hosted videos***



To use hosted videos



To use Internet Simulator

(in CS Principles)


To use Web Lab



All of our curriculum incorporates videos hosted on YouTube, though many schools block YouTube for students. In the event your school's network blocks YouTube, will default to a fallback video player. You can test your browser's settings to see if YouTube is blocked and to verify that fallback video player will work for your classroom at


G-Suite, Google Apps Restrictions on YouTube videos 

If you're a G-suite administrator, be sure to check what your restriction settings are for YouTube.  If you have specified the "Strict Restricted YouTube Access" setting or if you see messages stating 'this video has been restricted', you can add our channel to the approved list of channels.  See this guide from Google to learn about how to add our channel to the approved list.  You can also see this guide to learn more about different settings and which is best for your classroom.  


If you are experiencing issues with videos in your classroom, contact us at


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