Which coding language should I start learning first?


This is a question we're asked frequently - and there's no one definite answer. It depends on what you already know, and why you want to learn more!

  • If you've never tried coding before, start with drag+drop to learn the concepts first. Try one of our CS Fundamentals Courses. 

  • If you've tried drag+drop programming before and want to try text-based coding, the most widely-used programming language is JavaScript. Try programming in AppLab, followed by Javascript on KhanAcademy or on Codecademy. Or, if you don't enjoy JavaScript, a great language for first-time coders is Python.

  • If you want to build something specific, like an Android app, iOS app, a web site, or a database, there are specific languages for each. You can find resources from other organizations outside of Code.org at code.org/learn/beyond to dive into other languages than Javascript. 
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