What happens when I assign a course to a section? Can I assign 2+ at once?


What happens when a course is assigned to a section, or if I change the assignment?

When you assign a course to a section of yours, this course will be the first thing students see upon signing in. That being said, students can always work on any other course, even if it isn't assigned, by visiting the course catalog at studio.code.org/courses for example. If you don't want your students to access a particular lesson or course, check this guide on how to hide content from students. 

If students happen to be in 2+ sections (of your own and/or some other teacher's), and they've been making progress in several courses, they should be brought to their homepage studio.code.org/home to make a course selection. 

Changing the assigned course will never affect students' progress in any form (see this article for how to reset student's progress, or your own). Teachers can also check students' progress in any course, not just the one assigned! Visit your Progress tab and use the dropdown list above the progress grid to select another course for viewing progress:



Can I assign more than one course to one section?

While only one course / unit can be assigned to a section at a time, and to all students within, the course that is assigned to a section is just the first one that students will see when they log in.

If you want students to be able to see and access any other course, there are several options:

  • students can use the course catalog at studio.code.org/courses! There's an easy link to the course catalog at the top of students' and teachers' homepage as well.
  • Alternatively, students can type in the URL for a particular course one time, or have the course assigned to them one time.
  • They should then finish at least one level in that unit or course.
  • Once students finish at least one puzzle in any course, that course will permanently "stick" to their homepage (studio.code.org/home) for easy access going forward!

For example, if you have CSP Unit 2 assigned, but want some students to access CSP Unit 3, they can do so at any time by just typing in the URL, studio.code.org/s/csp3-2022. Or they can find it through the course catalog, studio.code.org/courses (there's a link to the "Course Catalog" atop the homepage as well). They only need to do this once, as after they finish one level in Unit 3 (or any course), it will permanently appear on their homepage for easy access going forward, regardless of whether or not it is assigned!

You as the teacher also see progress in any course - not just the one assigned - at any time. Just use the dropdown list on above the "Progress" tab grid to select a different course, to see how your students are doing in courses other than the one assigned.

In summary, changing the course assigned will just change what students see first when they log into your section - it is not a definitive constraint as to what courses students do or don't have access to!

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