How can I move students into a different section, or under a new teacher?


To move students between your sections or to a section belonging to another teacher, follow these steps!

Note that moving students into or out of any section will never affect their progress. 

1. Log into your teacher account

2. Click "My Dashboard" at the top left


3. Choose the section that contains the student(s) you'd like to move. Click the name of the section of which you'd like to move students from. 

4. At the top right, click the "Move students" button




5. In the table to the left, select the students you'd like to move. If you want to move all students in this section, click the checkbox at the very top left.

6. Next, select the section you'd like to move them to. You can choose to move students to one of your other sections or move to a section belonging to another teacher. To move to another teacher's section, you'll need their section code.

  • Note: At this time, we don't support moving students into another teacher's section when that section has been set up with Google Classroom or Clever. Students can only be moved to another teacher's section if that section is set up with a section code.

7. If you want to move your students to a new section, you'll have to create this new section first before you can move your students. To create a new section, click "Sections" again like in Step 2 and click "New section" at the top left of your sections table.

8. For the Yes/No question, select YES if you want both you and the other teacher to continue to see the student(s) progress together. That means the student will still belong in your current section AND in the other teacher's section. If you want to move the student so they only belong to the new teacher and not be in your section anymore, select NO.



9. Finally, click "Move students."

How can I move students in sections synced with Google Classroom or Clever?

You'll need to first move your students to the new section(s) within the Google Classroom side, and then you can re-sync your sections on the side to see the moves reflected there. The 'Sync' button should be available in the Manage Students tab for any section that connects to Google Classroom or Clever, which will update any changes to the roster.

For any further questions or difficulties with moving students, email us! 

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