In the teacher dashboard, what are 'lesson extras'?


Previously, students who finished the last puzzle of a stage would be automatically pushed along to the next stage.

We don’t want to take away students’ ability to see what’s next, but we also wanted to help teachers keep their class on track.

That’s why we dropped in a “speed bump” that gives students constructive activities to explore after they complete a stage. We call this speed bump lesson extras. 

To turn on lesson extras for a section of yours:

  1. Visit your list of sections
  2. Click the down-facing chevron arrow to the far right of one of your sections


  1. Choose 'Edit Section Details'
  2. Assign a course that allows for Lesson Extras, which will then show an on/off option for Lesson Extras


Note: Not all courses, lessons, or units will have lesson extras. If you do not see this option when opening 'Edit Section Details' - then that course, lesson, or unit does not have lesson extras.

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