How to change course or unit assignments

From your list of sections in your teacher homepage, click the down-facing arrow on the far right of each section of yours to bring up an option for 'edit section details'. 

Choose that 'edit section details' option to see a new window for editing that section's details, including course assignments. From that new window you can change the assigned course.

While only 1 course can be assigned to a section, the course that is assigned to a section is just the first one that students will see when they log in - they can continue to access any other course at any time by visiting once they sign in.

Teachers can change the course they're viewing progress in in your 'view progress' tab by changing the dropdown list on the left side to any other course, to see how students are doing in courses other than the one assigned. Changing the course assigned will just change what students see first when they log into your section. 

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