Updated IT requirements for videos


If your school only allows internet access to certain websites or URLs, you should inform your IT administrator on the following details related to our videos:

To better support student and teacher privacy, we have taken additional steps when it comes to our videos.

The YouTube videos in our curriculum and website already take advantage of certain settings such as disabling advertising or auto-playing other videos.

The site has also been updated to leverage the YouTube “Privacy Enhanced Mode”.  This mode allows us to play YouTube videos without using cookies to track viewing behavior, which means viewing activity isn’t collected by Google to personalize the viewing experience on YouTube.

What is the impact?

This is a great change for our users, but it does mean that your IT administrator may need to adjust some settings. The ability to play videos will not be affected.  However, it is possible that your classroom will be unable to access the YouTube version of our videos which contain the Closed Captioning and Translations functionality, and instead be routed to our fallback player which simply serves up the video without these additional features.   

What IT settings might need to be changed by teachers?

In order to be able to view videos via YouTube (leveraging the “Enhanced Privacy Mode”) and receive the benefits of Closed Captioning and Translations, the following domain may need to be in the allow list for your school: (https://youtube-nocookie.com/*) .  

Note that most schools will not need to make any changes.

To see if a change is necessary, play the video in this lesson and look for the closed captioning button in the bottom right corner. If you see the closed captioning “CC” button after starting the video, then you’re all set and there's no need to make any updates!  


If the “CC” button is not there, it means that you have been routed to the fallback player and your students will be unable to access the Closed Captioning and Translation features - your IT administrator will need to make an update to allow the "https://youtube-nocookie.com/*" domain.  Please see this resource for the full IT requirements and instructions on how to enable YouTube.  

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