How can I keep track of what my child is working on on


As a parent, the best way to see what your child is working on on is to ask them to show you! Read on for some tips for what to look for.

See what your student is working on by looking over their shoulder

To quickly see what your student has been working on, have them sign in to their account and navigate to while you’re watching.

From there, if your student is working on a Course, 

  • Look for the “My Courses” header. Under that header, you’ll see all the courses your student has worked on represented as purple boxes.mceclip0.png
  • Tap the “View Course” button to see a summary of the entire course and what work your student has completed so far. mceclip1.png
  • Each numbered “bubble” in the Course represents an activity that your student can work on. Green activities have been completed, while white activities haven’t been worked on yet.

If your student is working on a project, do the following:

  • From, scroll down until you see the header that says “Projects.” All of your student’s most recent projects will be listed here. mceclip2.png
  • You can click on a project to see what it looks like. Ask your student to describe to you how the code works. Hit run to try it out! 
  • mceclip3.png

Ask your student to share the work they’re most proud of with you

Students can share their favorite work directly with you using the Share button. Please note that many sharing features are restricted for students who are under the age of 13. If your student is a member of a teacher’s section, their teacher may also have restricted their ability to share projects.

Your student can share their work with you using the Share button that is available at the top of the screen in many programming lessons and projects.


Tapping the button will open a dialog that provides some options on how to share the project.


Depending on the student’s age and the type of project they’re working on, they may be able to do the following from this dialog:

  • Send a text message to your phone with a link to their project (this service works for US-based cell phone numbers only)
  • Copy their project sharing link and send it to you in an email
  • Publish their project anonymously to’s project gallery ( and email you the link to that published project

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