Help us add new data sets into App Lab!


The data tab in App Lab allows you to import real data sets into your apps. Learn more about using datasets in App Lab here!

We’re continuing to build out the library of data sources, and we’d love your help adding fun and interesting data to feature in App Lab! Are you an expert on all the kinds of species of frogs in the Amazon? What were the biggest concerts of all time, per country or genre? Which planets have the most moons? What were the highest rated but lowest-grossing movies of the 1990s? Send us your ideas and datasets! 

If you know of data we should include, you can fill out this template below and email it to us here.

Note that you can already upload and use any custom dataset in your app (even if it isn’t in our featured data library). For example, you can make an app with the list of classes at your school, lunches at the school cafeteria, or restaurants in your neighborhood. For us to list a data set as part of the tool, it needs to be school appropriate, interesting for students from all kinds of schools (we prefer national or international data sets), and we need to have the rights to share it.

If you think your dataset should be available around the world, share it with us so we can add it to the list for students everywhere!

Requirements for submission:

Listed below are the details we need to get a dataset ready and approved for adding to App Lab. At the bottom of this page is a blank template you can copy/paste into an email here We look forward to seeing your dataset ideas!

  • Title of your data set
  • Description: a one-sentence description on your dataset
  • Update frequency: How often does this data source change and need to be updated? (Note: we have limited capacity to include data sources that change frequently)
  • Source: what site(s) did you get this information from?
  • Rights to share: If applicable, please provide proof that your dataset is OK for us to share. We can only share data on our website that is freely available. We can share data sources that are publicly available from sources such as government websites, or one that an organization/company has shared and allows others to reshare. If this information is not public record, then please provide the contact information for you or someone at the organization we can contact to verify it is OK to share the data!
  • Columns and what they mean: we need an explanation for each column in your dataset, and what kind of units a given column's data is measured in (such as calendar date, square miles, cubic feet, pounds, ounces)
  • Link to the URL where the data source exists, or include it as an attachment in a .csv file

Template for sending to Support

  • Title of your data set:
  • Description: 
  • Update frequency: 
  • Source: 
  • Rights to share: 
  • Columns and what they mean: 
  • Link to the URL where the data source exists, or attach as a .csv file: 

If you have any questions on submitting a dataset, feel free to email us here!

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