How to Create Data Visualizations in App Lab


In App Lab, the data visualization tool allow you to quickly create data visualizations, or charts, to help you see patterns in the dataset in your project.  By exploring these patterns, you can answer questions and tell your own data story.  Here's more information on how to use datasets in App Lab.

Types of Visualizations

Chart Type Use Example
One Column Bar 

Most common, least common or unique single value 

Histogram Most common, least common, or missing range of values  histogram.png
Two Column Scatter Plot Trends or patterns between numeric values  scatter.png
Cross Tab Patterns when one or both values are strings crosstab.png

Create your Own!

Once you have imported your dataset into your project, and opened it up:

Step 1: Click the 'Visualize Data' button


Step 2: Select the type of chart


Step 3: Select the value(s) to show


Note: Depending on the size of your dataset, the chart can take some time loading.

Step 4: Give your chart a title


Step 5: Copy or save your chart by clicking 'View Snapshot' and selecting 'Copy' or 'Save' from the lower left corner of the next box. 

  • Copy: Places the chart on your clipboard
  • Save: Saves the file on your computer





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