Can I require my students to sign in before they start working on Hour of Code and CS Fundamentals courses?


This article addresses Hour of Code, CS Fundamentals Courses A-F, the 20-Hour course, and Courses 1-4 only. CS Discoveries and CS Principles courses can always only be accessed by students with accounts. 

Newly updated!

While accounts are not required for students to work on Hour of Code and CS Fundamentals courses, signing in with an account will allow a student to save their work and ensure that their teacher can check on their progress. 

Per popular request, teachers can now prompt students to sign in before working on materials that don't normally require sign-in (Hour of Code, CS Fundamentals Courses A-F, 20-hour course, and Courses 1-4). 

Please note - there is currently a bug that is preventing this feature from working on some older browsers (Internet Explorer, Version 11; Safari, Versions 13.1 and lower; iPad/iPhone Safari, Versions 13.7 and below). We are working on a fix and will update here when it is resolved. 


How can I prompt my students to sign in?

You can send your students a special link to a lesson that will prompt them to sign-in before they start working on the lesson, even if that lesson doesn't normally require students to sign in.

To find the 'prompt to sign-in' link...

Look for the "Send to students" button next to each lesson on the Course or Unit Overview page. This button will be near the Lesson Plan and "Visible" / "Hidden" buttons:


Tap the "Send to Students" button and a dialog will appear that gives you options for how to send the lesson to your students:


  • Choose 'Copy lesson link to clipboard' to copy the 'prompt to sign-in' link to your clipboard. You can then email that link to your students or share it with them via your LMS.
  • If you use Google Classroom, you can choose to post an assignment to that lesson to your students via Google Classroom. The link that is shared via Google Classroom will also prompt your students to sign-in first before proceeding.


What will happen when my students get that link?

When your students click on the 'prompt to sign-in' link to the lesson, the website will check to see if they are already signed in. If they are not, they will be taken to the sign-in page and prompted to sign in.


Once they are signed in (or if they were already signed in), students will be redirected to the first level in the lesson you selected so they can start working immediately.


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