Navigating the New Curriculum Overview Page



On the Unit overview page (CS Discoveries, CS Principles, CSA) or Course overview page (CS Fundamentals) page you can find a comprehensive list of all lessons in a Unit or Course as well as resources for that Unit. 


1 - Announcements 

Teacher and student announcements from for a given unit


2 - Toggle View options: "Detailed" or "Collapsed"

Toggled view options allows teachers and students to toggle between a detail and collapsed view. "Detailed view" of lesson activities will provide a more detailed view of what students will do and see in the lesson. 
All Lessons are organized by concept chunk (in purple boxes).

Detailed View

On the detailed view, teachers can access controls to hide or show the lesson activities to students in a given section.


Collapsed View

Collapsed view of lesson activities -- removed details of what students are doing in the activity. 

All lessons are organized by concept chunk (in purple boxes).



3 - Teacher Resources Dropdown

The teacher resources dropdown is the one stop shop for important resources related to the unit like Curriculum Guides and Vocabulary and Standards Roll Up Pages.



4 - Printing Options

Click Print Lesson Plans to print all lessons within the Unit. Click Print Handouts to print all Handouts within a Unit.

5 - Calendar

View Calendar opens the Unit Calendar to give you a snap shot of how lessons may fit across weeks. Unit calendar breaks down a schedule for how lessons may fit across weeks based on instructional minutes per week.



6 - Big Questions 

This icon opens a popover with additional information including a description of the lessons and what big questions are covered.



7 - View Lesson Plan

You can find accompanying lesson plans for each individual lesson on the course overview page for any course.


8 - Student Resources

Student Resources is a student facing page with information to help students in a lesson. Including an Overview, Vocabulary, Introduced Code, Resources.  Information in the Student Resources Tab used to be in the first level of a lesson.  They now open in a separate tab so students can refer to them while they work through the lesson.


9 - Visible/Hidden Toggle

The Visible/Hidden Toggle dictates whether a Lesson is visible to students in your selected section. 

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