Navigating the new Lesson Plan setup


This year we have moved our lesson plans from onto Code Studio.  In this move, we have brought over a lot of the functionality that was on previous lesson plans!


Lesson Synopsis:

This section gives you a quick overview of the lesson as well as how it relates to common standards. 

1 - Announcements:

Teacher and student announcements from for a given lesson. 

2 - Overview:

What happens in this lesson. What do students do?

3 - Purpose:

Why is this lesson important? What’s the point? 

4 - Standards:

Lessons map to common standards.   Click on a Standards Category to see individual standards. Click on Full Course Alignment for a list of Standards by lesson. 

5 - Agenda

Hyperlinked outline of the lesson

Lesson Plan

The lesson plan is your guide to teaching a lesson. 

6 - Warm-up 

Warm-up or thought-starter for the lesson.

7 - Main Activity

The main activity works toward the objectives.  The format varies widely depending on the type of lesson.

8 - Remark 

Microphone Icon and gray bad denote language or remarks intended for direct instruction.  Read aloud or paraphrase.

9 - Slide Icon 

The slide icon indicates a corresponding slide in the slide deck that should be displayed to students.

10 - Level Details

Clicking on a level within a lesson plan opens a dialogue with the Teacher’s only tab from the level, giving you a preview of the level.


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