How can I reset my own, or a student's progress in a course?


If you are a teacher and you want to clear your own progress on a "Make a prediction" or Multiple choice level, you can now do so directly in the instructions panel itself, using the "Delete Answer" button. This is an instructor-only feature.


We have heard from teachers that this is useful if you are demonstrating these types of levels in front of the class, as you can clear your answer for the next class's demo.

Note that you can only delete your answer once you have clicked the Run button and subsequent Reset button in the app pane on the left)

For any other resetting of progress, contact us here, and provide info on these two points:

  1. The exact usernames (or email addresses)under the student account(s) where you want progress to be reset.
    • Student usernames can be found from the "manage students" tab in any section of yours
    • If you want progress reset in your own teacher account, just let us know the email address or username under your account instead
  2. The specific course(s) and their yearly versions (if applicable) you want their progress to be reset in.
    • Such as, "CSD Unit 3 (2021-22)" or "Course F (2019-20)"

Before requesting a reset, please note:

  • Only an entire course's worth of progress can be cleared (not select lessons within)
  • Resetting of progress cannot be reversed
  • Resetting will result in all progress bubbles that were previously filled in, getting reset back to being blank white
  • The student's entered code (or your own code) will be cleared out as well, resetting all levels to their original state
  • Resetting will also remove the course tile from the student's (or your own) homepage as well
  • Once you complete any one level in that course again (or any course), that course will "stick" to your homepage again indefinitely

Questions about this new feature? Contact us here!

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