How can I send a lesson to my students?


If you want to share a link to a lesson to your students outside of (via an email or in an LMS, etc.), look for the Send to Students button next to lessons on the Course or Unit overview page.


This button is available for most lessons in our courses from 2020-2021 onward, and it will allow you to choose between:

  1. Copying a link to the lesson to your clipboard
    • This will copy the lesson link to your clipboard so you can paste it into an email or post it in your LMS.
  2. Posting a link to the lesson to Google Classroom
    • This button will allow you to post a link to the lesson directly to your Google Classroom, if you have one. Learn more.

The Lesson Link will point to either the first level in the lesson if there are online activities for this lesson OR to the Student Resources for the level if there are not online activities for that lesson. Students will be required to sign in when they click on the link (learn more).

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