Timestamps for showing "Time Spent" by a student on a given lesson


Adding onto our existing features for showing timestamps and detailing exactly when students had completed a level, the teacher dashboard's "Progress" tab will now show details on how much time students had spent on a given level!

From the "Progress" view in any section of yours, just click the arrow next to any listed student, to bring up additional data on time spent:


In the example above, we're looking at the progress for student Bill, in Lesson 3 of CSD Unit 3. With the two new rows for "Time Spent", we can glean that:

  • The student spent about 2 minutes on level 4, and last worked on that level on 3/30 (March 30th) of this year
  • The student spent about 16 minutes on level 7, which is not yet complete (hence the white progress bubble). They also last worked on this level 7 on 3/30. 

On levels where the "Time spent" info shows a dash character (-), this would indicate the "Time spent" feature is not applicable or available for that level. This new "Time spent" feature will be recorded only on certain types of lessons and levels:

  • Most levels that involve programming or any 'activity' levels (WebLab, GameLab, AppLab, Maze, Artist, Minecraft, SpriteLab, Dance Party, Network Simulator, etc.)
  • Prediction levels
Time spent is NOT recorded on:
  • Most non-programming levels (Free response questions; Video-only lessons, Multiple choice questions; Match questions; Multi-page assessments; Concept levels; etc.)

Feel free to email us at support@code.org with any questions on this new feature!

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