NEW: "End-of-lesson" boundaries to better control student pacing


Similar to our features for hiding/showing lessons to control students' pacing in a course (preventing them from working too fast or too far ahead, for example), we’ve adjusted what happens when students reach the end of a lesson in CS Discoveries and CS Principles to further help teachers manage classroom pacing!

Students who reach the end of most lessons in these courses, will first see this pop-up telling them they've reached the end of the lesson:


Upon clicking "Finish", they'll be redirected back to the Unit Overview page (instead of being automatically sent to the next lesson), such as at for CSD Unit 3's overview page. They'll be prompted to check-in with their teacher for next steps:


We hope this change will alleviate issues we've seen feedback about, where students are frequently working ahead without our site telling them they're at the end of a lesson, causing some scattered amounts of progress in a classroom. As always, if you have any questions or feedback about this change, please reach out to!
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