Java Lab Commits


Java Lab, like most coding tools, automatically saves changes to levels and projects. To view the history of changes click the "Version History" button at the top of the code editor pane.

In addition to this autosave functionality, Java Lab also enables students to create commits, which are special, named versions of a project. Commits are commonly used in software development to provide a specific point in a project for sharing and review.

Creating a Commit 

At the top of the code editor pane is a “Commit Code” button. Selecting this button opens a modal that allows a student to create a commit.


From this modal, the student must add a note that will represent the commit in the version history for the project. They may optionally add a set of files to the backpack from this modal.

Viewing Commits

Commits appear in the version history just like any autosave version, but will be specially formatted to include the note for the commit.


The review panel also includes a timeline of commits, allowing for a quick review of the history of a project. Clicking on the "eye" icon in either the review panel or the “Preview” in the version history modal will open a read-only view of the code at that point in time. Selecting “Restore” from the version history will reset the project to the version selected. This operation adds a new version to the history so that you don’t lose work when restoring to a previous version or commit.

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