Troubleshooting common issues with Google Classroom / Clever sections


You can find info on making new sections with Clever or Google Classroom, through the guides listed here. If you're running into issues with these section types linked with either 3rd party platform, check out the below FAQ for the top two most common issues, and steps to resolve!

After making a new section with Google Classroom or Clever (or syncing an existing one), some students are missing from the list, and/or unknown extra students are appearing.

When syncing from Google Classroom / Clever to create new sections or update existing ones, our system should be pulling in only the students who appear exactly as listed from that 3rd party dashboard side - no more and no less. If you're not seeing certain students as expected, make sure you don't have any duplicately-named or similarly-named sections on the Google Classroom / Clever side, which can lead to students seemingly missing. For example, having two sections with an identical name will lead to our system not knowing which one to pull from, and the one our site does pull from can be different than the one you'd intended. Double-check your list of all sections on the Google Classroom / Clever side, to ensure all sections have a distinct name from one another.

If there are any students listed you don't want to have in the section for any reason, just click the down-facing arrow to the far right of a given student, to bring up an option to remove them:


These removed students will likely re-appear again if you click "sync" to reflect the current roster of students as stated from the Google Classroom or Clever side, unless you make changes to ensure they're removed indefinitely on that 3rd party dashboard side.

I'm getting an "Error occurred" message when syncing existing Google Classroom or Clever sections.

If you're seeing an error message upon clicking "sync" atop the "Manage Students" tab, in an existing section that uses Google Classroom or Clever, that error message would likely occur if you have renamed and/or removed sections from the Google Classroom / Clever side:


The syncing of sections on the side will "break" if you ever rename the section you originally pulled in students from - it’s also possible other teachers in your Google or Clever domain had renamed something. Also, make sure you don't have any sections on the Google Classroom side with the exact same name (or a very similar name), as that will cause syncing issues of this nature as well. 

To alleviate this error message and sync your sections from Google Classroom or Clever again, there are two routes you could take:

  1. Determine what section(s) you had renamed (or suspect were renamed by another teacher or admin) within Clever or Google Classroom, and change the name back to what it was originally when you created the section, down to the letter.
  2. If you're unsure on the needed name change, you can instead create new sections using Google Classroom or Clever again, which will pull in the same student accounts from before and reflect the most accurate and up-to-date list of students. Making this new section won't affect students' progress in any form, nor their placement in existing sections of yours.

If issues still persist after trying either step, try unlinking your account from Google or Clever, then re-linking it (this can be done from your Account Settings page, then redo the above steps.

Still running into issues with Clever or Google Classroom sections? Email us at! 

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