Troubleshooting common issues with Google Classroom / Clever sections


For information on creating syncing sections, view this article for syncing with Clever and this article for syncing with Google Classroom. If you're running into issues with these section types, check out the following FAQs for the most common issues and how to resolve them!


I'm getting an error message when I try to sync

If you're seeing an error message when clicking "Sync students from...", this typically occurs if your login credential from Clever or Google has expired on the side. To refresh this credential, you should log out completely, via the following steps:

  1. Log out of your account
  2. Log out of Google Classroom/ Clever (just in case)
  3. Log back in to the Google Classroom/Clever portal
  4. If using Clever, click on the logo in the Clever portal
    • You MUST log in to in this way, through the Clever portal
  5. If using Google, click on the "Continue with Google" button on
  6. Try creating new classrooms again
    • Creating new sections won't disturb students' progress, provided those students are using the same accounts in Clever/ Google Classroom.

If issues still persist, try unlinking your account from Clever/ Google Classroom, then re-linking it. This can be done from your Account Settings page, in the "Manage linked accounts" area. Then redo the above steps.

If issues still persist, this is most likely because...

  1. You have removed/ deleted the original classroom on the Google Classroom or Clever side that the section is synced to
  2. You have renamed the original classroom on the Google Classroom or Clever side that the section is synced to ( will not recognize it any more)
  3. Another teacher in your Google Classroom or Clever domain has renamed something

Make sure that on the Google Classroom or Clever side, your classrooms have noticeably distinct names, as you may have linked your section to the wrong Google or Clever classroom. 

In any of these cases, the easiest way to resolve this is to re-create the section and double check that you're selecting the correct section from the list. This will pull in the same student accounts from before, while not affecting their progress. 

If you are still getting the syncing error message after attempting the above, this may occur when the Google Classroom or Clever authentication token associated with your account on our end has expired.


Even after I sync successfully, some students are missing from my roster and/or extra students are present.

When syncing from Google Classroom / Clever to create new sections or update existing ones, our system should be pulling in only the students who appear exactly as listed from that 3rd party dashboard side - no more and no less. Be sure you've updated the 3rd-party roster before syncing from

If you're still not seeing certain students as expected, make sure you don't have any duplicately-named or similarly-named sections on the Google Classroom / Clever side. Many teachers have written into our support channel with this issue, only to realize that they're syncing to the wrong section that has a similar name. Double-check your list of all sections on the Google Classroom / Clever side, to ensure all sections have a distinct name from one another.

When creating a new syncing section, you can also cross-reference the Google "Class code" with the code shown on the right side of your list of Google Classrooms, as those are unique. Similarly, Clever's section numbers map to the codes shown on the right side of your list of Clever classrooms.



If there are any students listed you don't want to have in the section for any reason, just click the down-facing arrow to the far right of a given student, to bring up an option to remove them:


These removed students will likely re-appear again if you click "sync" to reflect the current roster of students as stated from the Google Classroom or Clever side, unless you make changes to ensure they're removed on that 3rd party side.


When I try to create a new Clever section, all or some of my classrooms are missing from the list.

This occurs when your school or district has restricted data settings on the Clever side, usually for specific grade levels. Please contact your Clever administrator to resolve this situation.


Whenever I try to log in with Google, I keep getting this screen asking for access


Your Google administrator controls this setting for your school's Google Suite. Please get in touch with them for this issue - this isn't on the side.

Still running into issues with Clever or Google Classroom sections? Email us at! 

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