Adding to the Clever Dashboard


Clever helps your district's IT office provide applications with all the information they need to set up access for your students quickly and correctly, making it easier to use technology in the classroom.

With the integration with Clever, teachers no longer need to add each student to their sections manually one by one. When you set up sections, in just a few clicks, their roster of students set up in Clever is automatically added to the section.

To get started, follow these steps:

Add the application on your Clever Dashboard

The first step in launching through Clever is to log in to your dashboard and request the application. First, click here to log in to Clever as a district administrator.


If your school or district isn’t already using Clever, please get started here:

Click on "Add Applications" from the sidebar of your dashboard.


Search for and click "Request App."


Share data with


The next step is to set up sharing rules for The rules you set on the Clever Dashboard determine two things: the subset of district data shared with the application and which users will see that application when they log in to the Clever Portal.

You can set sharing rules on the Clever Dashboard by clicking on and then the "Data Sharing" tab.

To learn more about the different ways of setting sharing rules, please click here.

Please note: The Clever integration will not link existing accounts or automatically move students into their respective classrooms. This is done entirely on the side. Anyone with a teacher account will be able to create student sections and accounts for their students.


Set up your users’ access to through the Clever Portal

Clever Instant Login lets teachers and students log in to multiple applications with a single username and password, helping save valuable classroom time.

If your students are using Clever, they should go to their Clever dashboard and click the logo. They can also login by going to and finding the name of their school.


If you have already set up Clever Badges, then students can click the above Clever Badge Log in to scan their Badges and be logged in to their Portal.

Click here for more info on the different identity providers that you can set up with Clever Instant Login. Users can enter the login credentials that they are already familiar with, and be launched into their SSO Portal, where they can access all of their learning applications, including

You can read more about how to set up sections in Clever here


Frequently asked question: How can my school or district admins set up admin accounts with or Clever / Google Classroom? 

We do not currently support admin-level accounts on or through integrations with any sign on service. We'd recommend admins create teacher accounts to have all possible permissions for viewing student progress. 
My school uses both Google Classroom and Clever - which should I use? 
Both integrations with Clever or Google Classroom function essentially the same when using them with to make new class sections. That being said, we strongly recommend deciding on using just one of the two services with, as using both can quickly lead to duplicate account confusion, unless students proactively connect their accounts to both their school issued  Clever and Google accounts - for more info, read on here! 

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